Autumn is a time for changes, from the weather and the leaves on the trees, right down to our menus. We recently took a look at what’s in season in October and one of the big things that’s back on the menu is our game festival.

Game festival at Suesey Street

We have an excellent team in our kitchen who love working with the freshest seasonal ingredients so the changing of the seasons is a time of great excitement here. Our chefs like nothing more than working on new recipes and changing things up in the kitchen. Our head chef Richard has put together a menu that’s packed with the best in Irish game, from wild rabbit and grouse to partridge and Wicklow venison. We’ll be sharing some of his recipes in an upcoming post so make sure to keep an eye on the site for those. If you’d like a sneak peek of some of his favourites you can check out this recent feature in the Sunday Business Post.


Launching our game festival menu

We were delighted to welcome a number of esteemed guests to the Suesey Suite, (dressed beautifully with floral arrangements from Blooming Amazing) for a special evening showcasing our new game festival menu. Guests were welcomed on arrival by our fabulous GM, John Healy, resplendent in his gamekeeper attire.


We got the night off to a sparkling start with glasses of Charles Heidsieck champagne, followed by some delicious game from Wild Irish Game, paired with a selection of complimentary wines from Findlater Wines. It was lots of fun to share our new dishes and everyone had a very enjoyable evening.

Benefits of game

Game comes in a number of forms, including winged game such as pheasant and grouse, and ground game like rabbit and venison. Our wild game is all locally sourced, meaning that as well the game enjoying a natural diet and the associated benefits, it’s also got a low carbon footprint. Game is quite lean and easy to cook, making it especially useful if you want something quick to make after a long day. As for health benefits, game is low in fat and cholesterol and high in omega-3 and iron, making it a great choice for people looking for a healthier option on their menu.



Bringing game season home

Preparing game can be intimidating if you aren’t familiar with it but your local butcher can help you out. Ask them about the best ways to cook your chosen game, what pairs well with it and how to cook it perfectly. If you prefer to leave the hard work to someone else you can always pop into us in the restaurant and we’ll take care of the prep, the cooking and the clean-up.


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