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Meet the team

In an effort to share their personality with our guests, we asked our Suesey Street team to answer 3 questions: What do you eat? What makes you happy? What do you cook? Find our their answers below.


John, General Manager

What do you eat?

I eat at work a lot so when I go out I like to eat Thai, stuff that I can never cook. A really good Thai with fresh, tasty vegetables, I love that.

Mark, Sales & Events Manager

What makes you happy?

Keeping active and relaxation; mediation, yoga and swimming are all things that make me happy.

Denis, Head Chef

What do you eat?

I love every season and I’m always looking to see what’s around.

Karel, Restaurant Manager

What do you eat?

I like to eat everything, I’m a monster. I can eat everything, the only thing I don’t like is porridge.

Luis, Waiter

What makes you happy?

Travel, I love to travel. My favourite place is Greece.

dino, Sous Chef

What do you cook?

I like to cook fish and seafood. Everything is different so it’s something new every day.


Naoise, Assistant Restaurant Manager

What do you cook?

I go between three meals; spaghetti bolognese with kidney beans that I then keep and make into a chilli, chicken wrapped in bacon with cheese inside, and a good fry.


Mattia, Mixologist

What makes you happy?

Staying behind the bar, or talking and thinking about the bar, drinks and cocktails. I’m happy when I’m behind the bar, I’ll work every day, it’s my safe place.

Alexis, Restaurant Supervisor,, Suesey Street

Alexis, Restaurant Supervisor

What makes you happy?

Everything, I try to always be happy. I don’t have any particular reason to be, I just try to be. I like my colleagues, I like where I’m working, everything makes me happy. 

Moya, reservations Coordinator

What do you eat?

I love tapas with friends because you get to try lots of different things.

KAL, Chef

What do you like to cook?

Scallops, pan-fried, sear with butter, flip them over, add a little lemon and serve!


Mazlum, Waiter

What do you eat?

I like to eat fresh seafood, and also beef and lamb. I love lamb shank with rice.