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Meet the team

In an effort to share their personality with our guests, we asked our Suesey Street team to answer 3 questions: What do you eat? What makes you happy? What do you cook? Find our their answers below.


John, General Manager

What do you eat?

I eat at work a lot so when I go out I like to eat Thai, stuff that I can never cook. A really good Thai with fresh, tasty vegetables, I love that.


Denise, Sales & Events Manager

What makes you happy?

Being in the mountains, the fresh air and the scenery, the greenery and the animals, the sense of calm, just being in nature.

Richard, Head Chef

What do you cook?

Spaghetti and clams. I mainly cook fish, I find there’s a bit more of an art to cooking fish and everyone should be eating a lot more fish.

Karel, Restaurant Manager

What do you eat?

I like to eat everything, I’m a monster. I can eat everything, the only thing I don’t like is porridge.

Nicolas, Assistant Restaurant Manager

What makes you happy?

A good glass of chardonnay.

Isabel, Restaurant & Events Coordinator

What do you cook?

On a trip to Indonesia, I learned how to make nasi goreng which is fried rice made with sambal which is a chilli sauce, and also Soto Ayam which is a noodle soup.

Marijan, Sous Chef

What do you eat?

I love every season and I’m always looking to see what’s around. I start from each country because I come from Croatia where we don’t have so many ingredients.

Assad, Chef

What makes you happy?

Working here, it’s great to be a chef here. I’ve worked here for 6 years, John and the customers are very good.

Bruno, Chef

What do you like to cook?

My favourite thing to prepare is Croatian food. Croatia has a lot of rich national dishes that I grew up eating.

Alina, Chef de Partie

What do you eat?

I like to eat healthy food, my meal has to be a salad or some veg. I like to eat Chinese and Japanese food, and barbeque on my days off for a cheat day. I like to mix it between healthy and not so healthy.

Dushan, Chef

What makes you happy?


Peter, Waiter

What do you like to cook?

My favourite thing is seafood risotto with prawns, mussels, clams and scallops.

Josh, Waiter

What do you eat?

I always enjoy when people in the restaurant order scallops for their starter, duck for their main so that’s exactly what I’d go for. Those are probably my two favourite foods.

Alexis, Waiter

What makes you happy?

Everything, I try to always be happy. I don’t have any particular reason to be, I just try to be. I like my colleagues, I like where I’m working, everything makes me happy.

Naoise, Waiter

What do you cook?

I go between three meals, there’s spaghetti Bolognese with kidney beans that I then keep and make into a chilli, there’s chicken wrapped in bacon with cheese inside and then there’s a good fry.


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