As part of our ongoing Supplier Spotlight series, we wanted to get to know some of our local wine suppliers a little better. With that in mind, we had a chat with Donal Morris, director of Green Acres who are based just down the road in Wexford. They supply lots of our favourite wines and are always a pleasure to work with; we really liked getting to know more about them and we hope you do too.

Tell us little about Green Acres

Green Acres logo, Suesey Street, Supplier SpotlightGreen Acres started out in 1984 as a retailer & wholesale suppliers of fruit and vegetables, (hence the name) specialising in exotics, supplying many restaurants and hotels in the south-east of Ireland. We got involved in the wine business in 1992 at the perfect time when interest for wines in Ireland was in its infancy. We very quickly built up a reputation as a destination store for the finest wines from Bordeaux in particular – a reputation that stands to us to this day. We are now the sole agents in Ireland for one of the World’s most iconic wines, Chateau Petrus and many other top wines in Europe. Green Acres now supply the top restaurants and hotels around Ireland with the finest Bordeaux, Burgundy and European wines.

How I got involved in the business.

My interest in the wine side of Green Acres began in 1993. Green Acres had a wine dinner focusing on the wines of Bordeaux. One of the wines we tasted was Chateau Dauzac 1989 from Margaux – it was the very first red wine I had ever tried and It hooked me instantly. From that point on I began to read about wine, taste different wines and complete all the relevant wine courses.

What’s your favourite part of your job.

My favourite part of the job is selling wines “En Primeur” when the wines are released on the market by the producers. For Bordeaux, this happens from April to June every year and for Burgundy wines, they are sold in January every year.

What are your top tips for companies you work with?

Have a clear focus on quality and always seek out the best a particular wine style/ region has to offer.

What’s one thing people don’t know about your job?

The level of expertise required? How difficult it is to taste 200 to 300 wines per day? To forecast how a particular wine is going to taste in a number of years after I buy it?

Suesey Street_Supplier Spotlight__Green_Acres_Wine_Selection

A selection of Green Acres wines stocked at Suesey Street

What are the most challenging, and most rewarding parts of your job?

Sales can be the most challenging and rewarding. The most challenging is maintaining stocks to have a continuous supply. The most rewarding is securing a new producer to join the large portfolio of producers exclusive to Greenacres.

What are your predictions for the Irish drinks industry?

I believe we are in a strong growth period for the near to medium term.

What do you do when you not working?

Looking after four young kids, standing at the sideline of a GAA pitch or swimming with them at our local beach. Tending my garden, reading and of course, drinking wine.

We really enjoyed getting to know more about Donal and Green Acres, and we’re sure that you did too. If Donal’s talk of wine has whet your appetite for a good glass of Bordeaux you’ll be glad to know that we have a selection of their wines on our list, if you’d like to sample them why not drop us a line to make a dinner reservation? Our team will be more than happy to recommend a delicious dish to complement your wine choices. Santé!


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