Here at Suesey Street, we work with all sorts of suppliers, from florists to food and beverage producers to food photographers. If you’ve been following our restaurant over the years you’ll definitely have seen some of this mans work, although you might not have known it. Con O’Donoghue is a Dublin based food and commercial photographer and he’s one of our go-to guys when we have new dishes to show you. You can see some of Con’s work below and we’ve also set him 5 questions so we can get to know more about him and his business.

Tell us a Little About Yourself

Howaya? I’m Con. I’m a commercial and editorial photographer working for agencies, marketing managers and SMEs and the like. I work with a wide variety of mediums, food, interiors, headshots, 360s, events, timelapse. Pretty much anything – anything but weddings.

Tell us About Your Business

Pretty varied tbh. Freelancing for nigh on 10 years with a varied client base in Dublin. Generally helping people getting marketing collateral. And I’m pretty curious about things, so getting to meet folk and helping them figure out what they need conveyed for their business/ comms channels is phenomenally rewarding. Love shooting food for restaurants. Last couple of years moving toward some more technical things, with time-lapse for construction, 3D models, 360º tours, Google StreetView and looking at some AR/VR project and photogrammetry. Just no weddings, seriously.

What’s Your Top Tip for Corporate Clients Using Your Services?

Use all the photos. Often only a few end up on the website or for the advertisement but use the others and variations of them across social media. Crop, filter, write on top – use ‘em. No one likes sitting in a drawer.

Tell us About an Event That You Enjoyed Working On.

You mean apart from working with wonderful Glandore? (our sister business) Time-lapse of a 4-month build of a Liebherr ship-to-shore crane in Dublin docks. Freezing cold, massive machinery, engineering heroes, tea, juggling 6 shooting cameras, steel – lots of steel, Geordie banksmen, crisp morning on the Liffey.

What do You do When You’re Not Working?

Fixing things, talking about rugby, tinkering, looking for a seat in the pub, ferrying young lads to training/matches, contemplating a good lunch spot, looking for my keys, trying to stay ahead of the tech curve, yoga, solving geopolitical problems and drinking coffee.

Con O’Donoghue | Commercial and Food Photography

There you have it, a little insight into Con and how he likes to work. While he might not like photographing weddings he’s taken some stunning images here at Suesey Street and our sister business 25 Fitzwilliam Place so be sure to check him out if you need a commercial or food photographer. We’re sure that Con’s food photography has set your taste buds tingling so why not make a reservation with us and you’ll see that our food tastes just as good as it looks!

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