Every year here in Ireland we welcome different trends regarding the foods we consume as well as the changes they bring with them. This year is no different so our team at Suesey Street want to share a list of food trends we think will grow in popularity in 2020.

Zero Waste Packaging

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Our relationship with single use plastic has changed over the past few years. We all have an increased awareness of the damage it’s causing to our ocean life, the dangerous impact it has on our food, and on our water sources. This year we will see consumers bringing their own refillable containers, bottles, and bags to do their shopping. We’ll also see an increase in demand for unpackaged goods and produce. Here in Dublin we’ve already seen the success of  The Dublin Food Co-op as well as the Small Changes, Wholefoods Store.

Flexitarian Diet

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A flexitarian is someone who mainly sticks to a vegetarian diet but will also eat poultry and meat occasionally. It’s something we’re sure you’ll be hearing much more about this year. The reasons for this diets popularity are linked in with increasing sustainability and health concerns among younger populations. This trend towards flexibility will see an increase in the availability of plant based protein options, in both our supermarkets and on restaurant menus.

Buying local and seasonal

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People are becoming more conscious of where their food comes from and of the farmers who produce it. Buying and consuming fresh seasonal produce will be a priority for us as consumers this year to both support local farmers and protect the environment by reducing food miles. Small scale farmers markets have become more popular over the past number of years and will continue to grow.  With so many of them right here on our doorstep in Dublin, it’s easy to access fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s also important to note that seasonal produce helps to support our immune systems.

Biodynamic Wines

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With consumers becoming more conscious of the products they consume, this year we will see Biodynamic wine on our supermarket shelves. These types of wines come from organically grown, vegan friendly grapes and have been produced sustainably. Biodynamic grape producers take an ecological, ethical and spiritual approach to growing their grapevines within a self-sustaining environment. A key factor is that all chemical fertilizers and harmful pesticides forbidden from production.

Zero Alcohol Drinks

This year the drinks industry will see a significant rise in the consumption of ‘Zero Alcohol’ drinks. This is largely due to the increased availability of reduced alcohol or zero alcohol drinks. Research carried out by Drinks Ireland shows a rise of 60% in non-alcoholic beers and drinks last year alone and we predict that this number will grow much higher this year. With people becoming much more health conscious, this is the perfect alternative when you don’t want to drink while socialising.

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